Taming The Beast: 3 Effective Ways For Men To Control Their Anger

By Nico Lagan
February 8, 2024
By Nico Lagan
February 8, 2024

Hey, my name is Nico, and I am an angerholic!

Here is the truth, I’ve been an angry guy my whole life. I’m a very aggressive man by nature, and God knows I’ve done a lot of dumb things based in anger. I’ve been very abusive, both physically and verbally. I used to get angry at everything, it didn’t take me much to lose control and want to fight. Looking back.  I’m lucky that my behavior didn’t land me in jail.

But over the years I realized my behavior had to change. I couldn’t keep up, losing control every time something didn’t go my way, And here is what I discovered: 3 ways to help me deal with my anger.

#1 Working out

Hitting the gym allows me to burn energy and by doing so, it calms my mind and reduce my aggression. As I always say: the gym is my therapy.

#2 Martial Arts

It’s a fact that men are more violent and aggressive by nature. We love to be physical, play fight and wrestle. Just look at the way boys behave with each other, so might as well embrace it and have them burn that aggression in a controlled manner. But martial arts also teach us one of the most important virtue a man can possess: to be a protector!

#3 Meditation

I know I know, most men have problems staying still! It’s interesting how doing nothing is often the hardest thing to, but I cannot stress this enough: mediation has changed my life! It took me years to master sitting still, but today, I can’t imagine myself without it. Here’s a trick for you, try meditating right after a workout or martial art class. Your body is exhausted, making it easier for you to just sit still.

I’m not saying I’m perfect, far from it, but through working out, martial arts and meditation I’ve learned to get better at controlling my emotions and not letting my emotions control me.

As a man, is anger something you are struggling with?


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