Courage: The Foundation of Virtue

The true nature of leadership isn’t about power or having authority over others, it’s about selflessly serving others. A good man puts the needs of his family before his own. Courage allows a man to step beyond his fear and act for the greater good. Placing the well-being of his loved ones above his own […]

Single Motherhood Is Nothing To Celebrate

Currently, in the US, 1 out of 3 boys is living in a household without their biological fathers. It represents more than 12 million boys! Is this something that we should be proud of or should this sound the alarm? I’m not here to point fingers or to find who’s responsible but allow me to […]

Advertisers Withdraw from Rumble Amidst Russell Brand Controversy

Don’t you love it when companies tell us exactly what they stand for? It makes it easy for us to decide if we agree with them or not! Major brands are removing their ads from social media platform Rumble after its CEO refused to demonetize Russell Brand. And this has nothing to do with the […]