Single Motherhood Is Nothing To Celebrate

By Nico Lagan
September 27, 2023
By Nico Lagan
September 27, 2023

Currently, in the US, 1 out of 3 boys is living in a household without their biological fathers. It represents more than 12 million boys! Is this something that we should be proud of or should this sound the alarm?

I’m not here to point fingers or to find who’s responsible but allow me to share some knowledge.

Without fathers, boys are more prone to struggle with emotional intelligence, have behavioral issues such as aggression and to suffer from mental health disorders like depression and anxiety. They tend to do worse in school and are more likely to drop out altogether.

In fact, 85% of children who exhibit behavior disorders, 63% of youth suicide, 71% of high school dropouts, 85% of youth prisoners and 90% of homeless and run away children come from a fatherless home.

The data is clear, without a father, boys suffer! However you look at it, growing up without fathers has disastrous consequences on the life of boys and young men.

So let me ask you again, should we celebrate single mothers, or should we be worried about the outcome?

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