Protect Yourself From A Potential Gold Digger: Israel Adesanya’s Ex Edition

It’s getting ridiculous. Gold diggers everywhere expect men to give up half of their hard earn money. WHY? Because they were there! Their simple presence is enough to warrant their outrageous expectations. Sounds insane? It is, but unfortunately, it’s a sad reality. Let’s see how you can protect yourself from a potential gold digger! A […]

Achraf Hakimi Divorce Part 2: The Ex-Wife Strikes Back

Update on Achraf Hakimi’s divorce 2 weeks ago, I wrote a piece on the divorce between Moroccan soccer player Achraf Hakimi and Spanish actress Hiba Abouk. I was glad to hear that a man had found a way to protect his assets from ending up in the wrong hands. And by wrong hands, I mean […]

Why you Should Protect Yourself Before Getting Married

Men are providers Don’t believe the narrative that is being pushed by feminists. Women want a man that will provide for them and make them feel safe. If you want a good woman, it is your duty as a good man to do so. One of the virtues of a good man is that he […]