Protect Yourself From A Potential Gold Digger: Israel Adesanya’s Ex Edition

By Nico Lagan
May 20, 2023
By Nico Lagan
May 20, 2023

It’s getting ridiculous. Gold diggers everywhere expect men to give up half of their hard earn money. WHY? Because they were there! Their simple presence is enough to warrant their outrageous expectations. Sounds insane? It is, but unfortunately, it’s a sad reality. Let’s see how you can protect yourself from a potential gold digger!

A few days ago on his podcast, Sean O’Malley broke the news that Israel Adesanya’s ex-girlfriend is bringing him to court for half of his wealth. As‘’they dated too long, and she supported his career.”

Who is Charlotte Powdrell 

She’s a real estate agent in New Zealand’s Auckland Region. I tried looking up her Instagram this morning, but it looks like it was deactivated. Guess she doesn’t like all the attention she’s getting right now.

So what makes her think that she’s entitled to half his fortune?
How did she help him be more successful?
How did she support him?

Obviously, for her to make the claim that “they dated long enough” and that she supported his career, this must mean she was with Adesanya for a long time, right? Actually no! They only dated from 2019 to 2020.

Then she must have been there for him at a time when he was struggling so badly that she had to financially support him, right? Wrong again! She first appeared in the picture, ‘Stylebender’ was already the UFC 185 lbs. world champion.

The fact that she believes to be entitled to anything blows my fucking mind. She was there for less than two years at a time when Adesanya was already the best in the world! I’m sure these are all questions that will be asked in court, but the fact that she is bringing him to court and that a lawyer is ready to take the case is pure insanity. She is the perfect example of a gold digger, and this case exposes how broken our justice system really is!

This is where things get interesting

Adesanya’s net worth is between 4 and 6 million, and she has a net worth between 700,000 to 1,000,000. For a real estate agent, that seems pretty damn good to me. What do you think?

I wonder how much she was worth prior to dating Israel. There is no doubt in my mind that all the times she appeared next to the world champ on video and pictures increased her exposure, thus bringing her more clients. This is great publicity! Maybe Adesanya should sue her for half her net worth!

New Development

“Adesanya, however, revealed that his assets are secured, and she won’t be getting a dime from his wealth.”

“Very relatable… Imagine being so fu*ken entitled that you think you deserve what a man has worked his whole life for,” Adesanya said in an Instagram story (as quoted by Essentially Sports).

“When you came into his life with nothing and tried to leave with millions. But like Achraf Hakimi, my assets are protected. I woulda taken half her sh*t too, but I don’t want half of NOTHING.”

Remember Achraf Hakimi?

24-year-old Moroccan soccer player? How his wife, Spanish actress Hiba Abouk divorced him and tried to take half his assets, but she won’t get squat! Turns out that prior to their marriage, he’d been putting all his assets in his mother’s name. Great way to protect oneself against a potential gold digger!

But that didn’t stop her! She is so entitled and vindictive that she is currently suing him for 11 million USD because she claims fraud and mismanagement of marital assets.

What I don’t understand is she is worth 2 million, so why does she need his money? The current family law system is broken, and these two examples show how entitled women are taking advantage of it.

Why can women leave with half?

As per Beckman-Steen, there are multiple reasons why women are entitled to half. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Marriage is a partnership – Because marriage constitutes a partnership, both individuals’ assets are combined after they say “I do,” and at the moment of divorce, the cumulative wealth is then divided into 2.
  • Unpaid services – Many women choose to stay home rather than go to work. They choose to take care of the kids, run errands, clean and maintain the house, and other related activities.
  • Missed opportunities – Many women choose to sacrifice their careers in favor of home and family, so the law believes them to be entitled to compensation.

Every man should know this!


I get a lot of comments from my male followers saying that men should just avoid getting married! Although it’s hard to disagree, considering the statistics and all the gold digger horror stories, there is still a valid reason why a man could get married: family life. It is proven to be the best environment to raise children. This is why choosing the proper partner based on shared values is so crucial.

But this doesn’t mean you should be naive! You need to protect yourself! Be Smart Protect Your Assets (BSPYA). Here are a few examples of how you can accomplish it:

  • Before living together, have a cohabitation agreement in place.
  • Always keep a personal bank account where your paycheck is deposited in. NEVER combine everything you both own in a joint account. Transfer money from your personal to the joint account so that you can cover shared expenses.
  • Before getting married, have a prenup.
  • If you have businesses, make sure to put together a business structure where all your assets become business assets. Everything should be owned by LLCs under an S-corp within a trust fund. This protects you from a potential gold digger as well as from anyone else that would try to sue you personally.

Don’t be naive. Protect yourself. These men are great examples of why you should!

Thank you for reading. I am very grateful for every single one of you. Until next time, remember that: the world is changed one man at a time and that one man has the power to change the world.

Peace out

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