Achraf Hakimi Divorce Part 2: The Ex-Wife Strikes Back

By Nico Lagan
April 28, 2023
By Nico Lagan
April 28, 2023

Update on Achraf Hakimi’s divorce

2 weeks ago, I wrote a piece on the divorce between Moroccan soccer player Achraf Hakimi and Spanish actress Hiba Abouk. I was glad to hear that a man had found a way to protect his assets from ending up in the wrong hands. And by wrong hands, I mean the hands of his ex-wife! A small victory for men everywhere, finally, a man that avoided getting ruined by a money-hungry ex-partner. Seems like our celebration was premature. Let’s discuss what happens when the ex-wife strikes back!

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Achraf Hakimi took precautions to protect his assets. This is a brilliant young man right here. I don’t know if it was to protect himself against his wife or everyone out there who might want to go after him, but one thing is for sure: all men should find a way to do the same. There are better ways to do so; I would suggest using LLCs, S-Corps, and Trust Funds,, but transferring all of his assets to his mother was indeed an ingenious plan.

Turns out, his plan worked. Hiba received nothing! He could have gone after her assets, considering she has a net worth of 2 million dollars. I don’t think she realized how lucky she was that he didn’t because, on Monday, she filed an 11 million USD lawsuit against Achraf claiming fraud and mismanagement of their marital assets. That’s RICH! This was not their assets but his assets. Was her 2 million his as well?

As per, Achraf has a net worth of $24 million and 80% of which is controlled by his mother. So I wonder how she believes that she is entitled to $11 million!

Protect your assets

This should serve as a warning to all men out there because, for a man, getting married is very dangerous. We have everything to lose. The family code in North America and most European countries is written in such a way that women gain and win everything in a divorce: money, assets, and of course, the children.

Men cannot afford to be naive. As you can see in this case, you can’t underestimate how vindictive women can be when they don’t get what they want.

This is why protecting your hard work is a must. In upcoming articles, I will discuss the different ways in which men can do just that.

Thank you for reading. I am very grateful for every single one of you. Until next time, remember this: the world is changed one man at a time, and one man, can change the world.

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