You’re Not Depressed, You Lack Purpose

By Nico Lagan
April 2, 2023
By Nico Lagan
April 2, 2023

Men need structure and responsibilities! They need to feel needed, that they are contributing, that they have a reason to live. And that is true for men of all ages: boys, young and mature men alike. As men, we are driven by our purpose. Every single one of us out there needs a reason to get up in the morning. Or else, what’s the point? For men, a life without purpose is meaningless. You’re not depressed, brother; you lack purpose!

Why are men so depressed

Why do you think so many men are ‘’depressed’’? Sure, they are men with chemical imbalances that require treatment, but for the vast majority of these men, medication is not the answer. The issue is spiritual in nature, and you don’t fix it with pills. You fix it by answering a very simple question:

What is my reason for being here?

Men crave purpose, and without it: men feel useless! It’s really that simple, but we have come to use the word depression as a cope out. We need an outside source to blame. Instead of looking at ourselves in the mirror, we want to believe that we are a product of our society and that everything happens to us. Somehow we are not responsible for the way we feel about our lives.

I’m not a fan of Jim Carrey, but when someone is right, he’s right!

“I believe depression is legitimate. But I also believe that if you don’t exercise, eat nutritious food, get sunlight, get enough sleep, consume positive material, surround yourself with support, then you aren’t giving yourself a fighting chance.” Jim Carrey

Let’s cut the bullshit: If your life sucks, chances are it’s your fault!

It doesn’t sound very nice, does it? But it’s true! The spoon didn’t make you fat you did, and the same is true for most things in your life!

Lack of personal responsibility

What if I were to tell you that the biggest problem in North America is not that we’ve become a society of victims but that we are getting fatter and fatter, lazier and lazier? These are just side effects and not the root cause…

The biggest issue in North America is the lack of personal responsibility!

We don’t want to be held accountable for our actions. We want to point our dirty fingers at others instead of looking in the mirror for a solution. It’s a lot easier to blame an external source than it is to admit to ourselves that we are responsible for our lives! We fail to realize that our lives directly reflect our actions. That everyday decisions we make dictate our futures. You have the power to make your life a living hell, but it also means that you hold the power to make it better!

Blaming others is pointless! You cannot change them! It’s out of your control! All you can do is accept your share of responsibilities, fix what you did wrong, and move forward. For most of my teens, I was a drug addict, an alcoholic, a thief, and a drug dealer. I dropped out of school when I was 15 years old. I was an angry and pissed-off young man. This continued for years until, in my early 20s, a conversation with my mother made me realize I wanted more. So I made a decision to change.

It would have been easy to stay angry at the world and continue blaming my father for leaving. But how would that make my future better? I cannot change the past or control what others do. All I have power over is myself. Only by admitting to ourselves that we are responsible for our problems can we regain our power.

So next time something bad happens to you, and you feel like it’s someone else fault, take a good hard look in the mirror and ask yourself this question:

What could I have done differently?

And the answer will set you free!

Until next time, stay manly, brother!

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