Cancelled Because Of His Christian Beliefs Kevin Sorbo The Original Cancel Culture Victim

By Nico Lagan
September 2, 2023
By Nico Lagan
September 2, 2023

”We give pride an entire month, yet we give our veterans one day.”

”Let boys be boys and girls be girls”

”People are tired of the woke stuff from Hollywood, and they are tired of the woke message”

‘We need our boys to become strong men who can lead their families, communities, in a more positive direction. The bible calls for us (men) to be providers. For men to be providers and that takes nothing away from women.”

I don’t know for you, but I agree with all the quotes above. So who is the man behind these quotes? A man by the name of Kevin Sorbo? Remember him? If you do, chance are you’re an older fart like me but don’t feel bad if you don’t know who he is. He was very popular in the 90s and early 2000s. He played Hercules and the captain of the ship Andromeda.

But what is interesting about Kevin Sorbo is that right after the end of the Andromeda series, he disappeared, it’s like he disappeared from the face of the earth.

The First Victim Of Cancel Culture?

Back in 2009 he went public with his faith. Although he had always been a Christian, he wasn’t yes vocal about it. And one thing we all know is that Hollywood is not kind to Christian actors, Chris Pratt being the perfect example. It was all downhill from there. 

“It was sad to me, you know, my manager and agent for so many years said that we can’t get you jobs anymore, work with you because of you being a Christian, being a conservative,” Sorbo remembered. (1)

“And I almost had to laugh at that because it’s an industry that screams for tolerance, and yet it’s a one-way street. It screams for freedom of speech. But Hollywood’s a one-way street as well. And that’s just too bad, you know. But I love the industry. I love the movies and TV. (1)

Sorbo claims to be the original victim of cancel culture and although cancelling people was not a ”thing” back then looking back, I can see why he would say so. 

Never Give Up

Although his comeback took some time, like most things worth doing do, Kevin refused to give up. He decided to do his thing on his own terms. He just released his first children book called The Test of Lionhood

He’s also decided to follow in the footstep of Angel Studios and produce his first independent movie called Miracle in East Texas. His goal is to produce heartfelt movies, you know the type of movies Hollywood used to produce? 

Considering the society we live in, doing what Kevin s doing is not easy. It takes courage to be a good man, to have a moral code and to live by it. 

Guys like Kevin Sorbo are a real inspiration! So if like me, you’re tired of what going on, follow Kevin’s lead, stand up and speak up. I challenge you: BE LIKE KEVIN!




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