Kevin Hart Lands In Hospital After Stupid Bet

By Nico Lagan
August 25, 2023
By Nico Lagan
August 25, 2023

Yes Kevin Hart is in a wheelchair!  He tore his lower abdomen and adductor. Sounds Painful right? Well it probably is…

How did this happen?

Kevin thought it would be a great idea to challenge former NFL Running back Stevan Ridley. “Me and Stevan got into a little debate. This debate was based off who’s faster. Those that know me know, I’m pretty fast. Stevan said, ‘Kevin, ain’t no way you’re gonna beat me.’ Stevan is an ex-NFL running back [who] played for the New England Patriots. Very good guy.” (1)


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In the Instagram video above, Kevin goes on to say that: ‘’The age 40 is real. To all my men and women out there that are 40 years old and above, it’s not a game, respect that age, respect that age or that age will make you respect it. I was just forced to respect it!’’  

Take Responsibility For Your Injury

Well Kevin, this serves you right! Because age is not why you’re injured, you’re injured because of your massive ego! Him being 34 and you being 44 is not the reason you cannot walk right now. 

This also as to do with the type of training you do. You work out to look good and unlike what you might believe, pushing weights doesn’t make you an athlete. I’ve seen the type of training you do and there that will make you a faster runner.

You challenged an NFL running back… What the fuck did you think would happen. It says it in the name RUNNING BACK!!!  

I wish you a fast recovery! That being said, I hope that the next 6 weeks of inactivity will make you realize that your age is not the issues but your pride is. I wise man would have known better than to challenge a man that was paid to run…

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