Taken For Granted: Good Men And The Aquarium Effect

By Nico Lagan
August 31, 2023
By Nico Lagan
August 31, 2023

Not only is masculinity under attack, but in the western world, men are purposefully being feminized. Everywhere you look traditional masculinity is being ridiculed, called toxic and vilified for being barbaric while effeminate men are celebrated for not embracing traditional gender roles. Our education system has all but removed PE classes from their curriculum and is indoctrinating our boys with gender studies. They are being taught that boys can be girls and girls can be boys. That feelings are more important than facts. That you should tip toe around other people’s feeling rather than telling the truth. 

In reality: men are supposed to be manly, and you are the only one responsible for how you feel so learn to control your emotions, or they will control you! 

How can something so simple be up for debate? This is how it’s always been and will be long after we die, so why is the politically correct left so appalled by these simple truths? 

Turns out that every single problem we face in society can be boiled down to 1 thing: accountability. The lack of accountability to be exact.

We have a generation of men raised by single mothers with no masculine presence, brought up to believe in safe spaces and participation medals. Guess what happens when boys are raised carelessly without responsibilities and accountability? They become entitled, take their way of living for granted and believe the world owns them something. 

And there lies the problem. 

They fail to realize is that this society of ours didn’t spawn into existence by magic. That men made it happen. Through blood, tears and sacrifice. That to this day, it is men that take it upon themselves to fix, maintain and develop it further. And that without men, this society would crumble into oblivion. 

Justin Garcia calls it the aquarium effect. Do you think the fish in an artificial environment like an aquarium understand that there is someone behind the scene taking care of them? Making sure the pH levels and temperature of the water are optimal, that the tank is clean, that all pumps, filters and lights are working properly?  

Of course not!  And it doesn’t stop there. 

Who is it that will come to your rescue when you need help? MEN!

Who will save you from a burning building? MEN!

Who fixes your car, so you can go to work the next day? MEN!

Who maintains the infrastructure you use every day? MEN!

Who built your home? MEN!

Who grows the food you eat? MEN!

Who delivers your Amazon package? MEN!

Who drives you to the airport? MEN!

Manly men everywhere are breaking their backs taking care of you and all your needs. But just like the fish in an aquarium, the entitled people of today don’t care about the men behind the curtains. As long as it works the rest doesn’t matter. 

But here is a cold hard fact for you: without men, our society would crumble and cease to exist.

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