Black women ‘will blow the party up’ if Democrats Pick ‘a white man over Kamala Harris’

By Nico Lagan
July 4, 2024
By Nico Lagan
July 4, 2024

The party that brought you Critical Race Theory, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is at it again.

California Democratic delegate Areva Martin said ” if you pick a White man over Kamala Harris, Black women, I can tell you this, we are going to walk away. Martin added, ”We are going to blow the party up.” Clearly she was referring to rumors about the Party wanted to choose California Governor Gavin Newsom over VP Harris.

But here is where the irony comes in. Isn’t it interesting that the same people who blame systemic racism for all their problems are openly endorsing their candidates based on sex and race, not competency. This is a self realizing prophecy where the self perceived ”oppressed” have become the oppressors.

You can’t make this up!

On one side, you have a president that is no longer fit for office, if he ever was in the first place, now, the democrats have to pick VP Kamala Harris or else… The left is imploding, and all we have to do is to let it happen. Take the popcorn out and enjoy the show!

Here is the future president of the USA… Oh boy.

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