Alex Pereira Weight Cuts – How Much Is Too Much

By Nico Lagan
April 9, 2023
By Nico Lagan
April 9, 2023

How much is too much weight?

Alex Pereira cuts around 50 lbs to fight at 185 lbs!!! How much is too much weight? What are acceptable weight cuts? I remember the East vs. West rivalry between Pride Fighting Championship and The Ultimate Fighting Championship. Yep, I’m that old, LOL. We were all wondering who had the best fighters, the Americas or the land of the rising sun? Eventually, we got somewhat of an answer, but to me, what I liked the most was the respect the audience of the East showed to their fighters and the way fighters viewed weight cuts. Because of wrestling, weight cutting a stupid amount of weight is normal in North America but in the East, not so much. Fighters would always fight around their walk-around weight. As I watched the Pereira vs. Adesanya fight this morning, this old question returned to me. First off, I think we can all agree that the fight between Alex Pereira and Israel Adesanya yesterday was just crazy. What a great fight! I thought Pereira would win, but hey, I was wrong! Did you know that Alex Pereira supposedly walks around 230 lbs? The weigh-in cuts down to 185, and by the time he steps into the cage, he’s around 215 lbs! That’s 30 lbs in 24 hours… It’s just crazy!

What I think about weight cuts

Personally, I don’t like it. By fight time, Pereira weighs 10 lbs more than Adesanya’s walking weight of 205 lbs! I think they should fight closer to their walk-around weights. I think around 10% fluctuation would be fair. Let’s take Adesanya; he walks around 205 lbs and fights at 185 lbs. That’s a 20lbs difference and just over my 10% recommendation. I think something needs to be done about this. Not only is it unfair to the opponent, but cutting this much weight has been linked with serious health issues. What do you think? Should we continue allowing guys like Pereira to cut a stupid amount of weight, or should we forward the fighters to stay closer to their walking weights? Let me know in the comments. Until next time, stay manly, brother! Have you ever felt misunderstood, judged, or restricted in expressing your true masculinity? Tired of keeping taboo or delicate subjects to yourself? Are you wishing there was a place where manliness is not only embraced but required? Where political correctness and the woke agenda have no power? I have fantastic news for you: I’ve created an exclusive, private Facebook group just for men like you, eager to reclaim their freedom of expression and grow together. A place where every man can be his authentic self without fear of judgment or being labeled. Join our exclusive brotherhood now: The Legion of Men. pictures taken from


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