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Ever heard of Alex Hormozi? Of course, you have! Recently, he posted a conversation he had with a friend about why he was getting more views than him.
Alex: ‘’I don’t know. We put out about 250 per week. How many pieces a week are you putting it out?

His friend replied: ‘’I’m posting a measly once a day. Ha! Thanks for resetting my minimum standard.’’

Legends like Alex Hormozi and Gary V have a simple secret to their reach? Post relentlessly! With Hormozi’s staggering 250 posts a week and Gary V’s 64 daily posts across key social platforms, their strategy is clear: more content equals more views.
Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you start posting 20 posts a day, however, it’s essential you understand that the more you post, the more you can increase your monthly views. So, how can you achieve this without burning out?
The short answer is AI.

Embracing the power of AI

AI is changing the world as we know it. It’s enhancing our everyday life by redefining entire industries, and content creation is no exception. But just posting content to post content is not enough. It needs to be top-notch content that resonates with your audience!
The good news is that you don’t necessarily need a team to increase your content production game. AI is your friend! Embrace it. Not only can AI help you produce and post more quality content, but it can also optimize and streamline your content creation workflow while keeping you on top of current trends!
Easier said than done, am I right?
It’s one thing for me to tell you to use AI but have you ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of AI tools out there?
There are so many tools that it’s impossible to keep up. Which tool should I use and for what?
Luckily for you, this is where I come in! I’ve sifted through the noise to bring you the best AI tools and strategies tailored for your needs.


Hi, I’m Nico Lagan, an AI Specialist, Social Media Strategist & Sales Expert. My mission? To help content creators like you Skyrocket their monthly views by embracing the power of AI! I also ensure that your content doesn’t just find its way to your target audience but deeply resonates with them.

And this is why I created The Alpha Creator Blueprint.

What is The Alpha Creator Blueprint?

The Alpha Creator Blueprint is a patented 5-step program based on the methodology I used to take my content from thousands of monthly views to millions! It’s specifically designed to help content creators incorporate the power of AI in their current pre/post production content creation process:


AI can serve as your brainstorming team by providing content ideas and text structures, helping you draft articles, blog posts, e-books, YouTube video scripts, podcasts and more. It can also assist you with visual content by creating custom images for thumbnails and entire faceless videos from textual prompts.


AI can transform existing longer-form content like podcasts into engaging, fast-paced reels. This capability is particularly relevant in today’s social media landscape, where platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube place a premium on shorter, punchy content that captures attention quickly. It can also convert text into natural-sounding voiceovers, add fitting music and improve recording quality


AI tools can not only recommend optimal posting times based on specific social media platforms for maximum reach but also suggest more effective titles, descriptions, hashtags and keywords to boost visibility and search engine rankings.


AI-driven analytics can assist you to better understand your niche and audience, enabling you to create the type of content they are looking for. Thus increasing your chances of higher user engagement and viewership retention.


AI can swiftly analyze vast amounts of feedback and comments, helping you understand audience reactions, and by leveraging AI-driven insights, identify what works, what doesn’t and why. That knowledge will enable us to replicate successful strategies, increasing the chances of your content going viral. Furthermore, AI can help you refine new strategies to enhance future content.

Why Should you trust Me?

There is no doubt that AI will elevate your content creation game BUT as powerful as AI is today, a human touch is still needed to ensure any generated content aligns with your voice and brand. It’s essential for creators to balance AI tools with human creativity to produce unique and engaging content.
Not only can I help you implement all the AI tools you need to increase your content creation output, optimize and streamline your workflow, but by utilizing my vast experience in high-end sales, NLP and psychology, I can teach you the techniques I’ve developed over more than a decade of high-end sales to stand out in a sea of content creators.

Authenticity Is Crucial

No 2 content creators are the same. Your natural skills are different from mine. This is why everything I do is tailor-made just for you. I live to understand your unique goals and challenges. I will implement a strategy that not only reflects your personality but also resonates with your audience.

Continuous Learning

I keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies. I’m always experimenting with new types of content to see what works and what doesn’t. I test all the new AI apps and changes happening with social media’s algorithm. My hands-on approach ensures that my recommendations are not just theoretical but based on proven practical insights. Ensuring that my clients receive the most current and forward-thinking advice is always at the forefront of what I do.
And when the time comes, my team and I can take over all your post-production needs ensuring that you concentrate on what you do best: create content!

Don't be left behind

Increasing your reach is all a numbers game. The more quality content you produce the higher chance of you going viral. So EMBRACE the power of AI or risk being left behind. It’s sink or swim time and the choice is YOURS!

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