Redefining Patriotism: Lindsey Graham’s Journey Beyond The Patriot Barbie

My guest on this episode is none other than The Patriot Barbie herself! Lindsey Graham is a loud, proud, pro-gun, pro-life, Jesus loving, red-blooded, conservative, Republican woman, and the author of targeted one mom’s fight for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Back in 2020, Lindsey was catapulted to the national spotlight where the woke mob labeled her as the Patriot Barbie. Why? Because she chose to stand up for what is right and refused to comply with Oregon’s COVID 19 lockdowns by keeping her salon open. Now she has dedicated her life to activism and freedom fighting.

From various aspects of masculinity, faith, and societal values our conversation revolved around standing for what you believe in, the significance of gender roles, the importance of embracing masculinity and femininity, freedom of speech, inclusivity, the influence of spiritual beliefs on society, and the evolving political landscapes in the US and Canada.

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