Questioning the Celebration: What is Pride Month Really About? | EP15

In this episode, I ask a question that most today consider controversial: What is Pride really about and is it necessary?

I remember when June meant the arrival of summer, BBQ and family vacations. Unfortunately, today, the month of June had been taken over by the rainbow flag and its rooted values in a movement of sexual liberation.

But can a group call himself oppressed, given their widespread recognition and support from governments and large corporations.

I challenge you to ponder why other significant groups, such as straight people, fathers, mothers, and military personnel and veterans, aren’t similarly celebrated for an entire month.

I also touch on other subjects, such as the substantial financial aid provided to Ukraine amidst the G7 summit, arguing that the money could be better spent addressing domestic issues like homelessness in North America.

And as always, I finish with a good story! This week I speak about a self-defense group formed by residents in Hartford, Connecticut, who took matters into their own hands to combat gun violence in their neighborhood called the Self-Defense Brigade.

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