Harrison Butker, Caitlin Clark, and George Floyd: Media Bias Exposed | EP 12

In this episode of the Nico Lagan Show, I critique the mainstream media’s portrayal of public figures and events, I go over some of the biases and consequences of the traditional media outlets narratives.

Perfect example is NFL player Harrison Butker’s ‘’controversial’’ comments about traditional gender roles and how some people, compare this situation to the backlash faced by Colin Kaepernick.

Is the left finally eating itself?  The WNBA’s rise in popularity through Caitlin Clark has been nothing but exceptional and the numbers are there to show it yet, the biggest criticism she faces is due to her race and appearance.

Finally, I speak about George Floyd’s new biopic and Peru’s classification of trans and non-binary statuses.

As always, I urge you to question media narratives, engage in discourse, and never forget that without freedom of speech there is no freedom!

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