Taming The Beast: 3 Effective Ways For Men To Control Their Anger

Hey, my name is Nico, and I am an angerholic! Here is the truth, I’ve been an angry guy my whole life. I’m a very aggressive man by nature, and God knows I’ve done a lot of dumb things based in anger. I’ve been very abusive, both physically and verbally. I used to get angry […]

Cardio Could Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk by 35%

Improving physical fitness with cardio may cut prostate cancer risk by 35% I know that no men out there likes to do cardio, at least I don’t! But Swedish scientists are claiming that cardio could reduce prostate cancer by up to 35%! Maybe that’s the motivation men need to finally jump on the hamster wheel! […]

The Power of Choice: TOP 3 Eye Opening Lessons from This Year

Here is a quick recap of the 3 big lessons we’ve learned this year. Grab your coffee, and let’s get started! 1. The Might of the Boycott The power of saying “No thanks!”. Bud Light, once the reigning champ of beers in the USA, got dethroned. Why? Because people voted with their wallets. And it’s […]

The Hidden Secrets of Gnosticism Unveiled

Have you ever pondered the mysteries of the universe and sought answers beyond the material world? If so, then the ancient philosophy of Gnosticism might be of interest. This intriguing belief system, dating back to the early centuries of the Common Era, is rooted in the pursuit of spiritual knowledge and enlightenment. Gnosticism, derived from […]

The Secrets of Stoicism: Unlocking Inner Peace

Welcome to the profound world of Stoicism, an ancient philosophy that has been a beacon of wisdom over centuries. Today, we delve into the roots of Stoicism, its fundamental principles, and how these principles can be integrated into our everyday lives. The philosophy of Stoicism was born in Athens, crafted by Zeno of Citium around […]

Courage: The Foundation of Virtue

The true nature of leadership isn’t about power or having authority over others, it’s about selflessly serving others. A good man puts the needs of his family before his own. Courage allows a man to step beyond his fear and act for the greater good. Placing the well-being of his loved ones above his own […]

Justin the Clown Trudeau Apologizes for Praising a Nazi as a War Hero

Can you imagine receiving not 1 but 2 standing ovations buy everyone in Parliament? It must be the experience of a lifetime! And all this man had to do to receive such an honor is to be… A NAZI! Yep that’s right, last Friday, during President Zelenskyy’s visit, the Canadian government thought it would be […]

Single Motherhood Is Nothing To Celebrate

Currently, in the US, 1 out of 3 boys is living in a household without their biological fathers. It represents more than 12 million boys! Is this something that we should be proud of or should this sound the alarm? I’m not here to point fingers or to find who’s responsible but allow me to […]